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Today, in Tokyo and around the entire planet, hundreds and millions of people are coming together to achieve a new consciousness about themselves. They are transcending their national identities. There are citizens of Japan, citizens of Germany, citizens of Brazil, but for today, they are focusing a great deal of being the citizens of the world. They're gathering from a variety of cultures, countries and continents, to affirm that it’s time now to begin to pursue series of environmental objectives that are broaden, well understood by everyone is a necessity of our species to have a future. We need to stop those activities that are changing the climate, those activities of producing an epidemic of extinction. We need to start figuring out a way of species to come to terms with ourselves and find a degree of human peace through out the planet.

I'm thrilled that those of you in Japan have chosen to be a part of this because you've drawn in the great family of people from around the planet who are delegated to passing on to their children, to their grand children, to their great grand children, of actually more beautiful, healthy, diverse, resilient and ecologically sound planet than the one we inherited from our parents.

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アースデイ(地球の日)は4月22日、毎年Earth Dayの期間には世界各地で持続可能な社会を表現する、自由なイベントやアクションが行われています。

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