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Founded by the organizers of the first Earth Day in 1970, Earth Day Network (EDN) promotes environmental citizenship and year round progressive action worldwide. Our mission is to build broad-based citizen support for sound, workable and effective environmental and sustainable development policies for all.

Earth Day Network is a driving force steering environmental awareness around the world. Through Earth Day Network, activists connect, interact, and impact their communities, and create positive change in local, national, and global policies. EDN's international network reaches over 12,000 organizations in 174 countries, while the domestic program keeps over 3,000 groups and over 100,000 educators coordinating millions of community development and environmental protection activities throughout the year. As a result, Earth Day is the only event celebrated simultaneously around the globe by people of all backgrounds, faiths and nationalities. More than a half billion people participate in our campaigns every year.




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Earth Day Network's Mission Statement

Earth Day Network’s mission is to broaden the environmental movement worldwide and to educate and mobilize people, governments, and corporations to take responsibility for a clean and healthy environment.

Earth Day Network’s programs and activities are guided by the following goals:

Promote Civic Engagement ? Earth Day Network works with partner organizations to provide opportunities for all citizens to become active at the local, state, national and global levels.

Broaden the Meaning of “Environment” ? Earth Day Network is committed to expanding the definition of “environment” to include all issues that affect our health, our communities and our environment, such as air and water pollution, deteriorating schools, public transportation and access to jobs, rising rates of asthma and cancer, and lack of funding for parks and recreation.

Mobilize Communities ? Earth Day Network and our Campaign for Communities partners registered and turned out one million new and infrequent voters in the 2004 presidential election, focusing on young people, and African-American, Latino and low-income communities, where voter turnout is generally low.

Create Groundbreaking Environmental Education Programs ? Earth Day Network uses innovative education tools and community projects to promote civic participation and develop a sense of environmental responsibility among young people.

Train New Environmental Leaders ? Earth Day Network’s programs and activities inform and inspire young people and people of color to become environmental leaders.

Build International Partnerships that Strengthen Cooperation Among Diverse Groups ? Earth Day Network affects environmental change through the development of new, cooperative relationships among organizations that are not traditional allies.

Engage Corporations in Support of Environmental Programs ? Earth Day Network continues to work with select corporations to promote sustainable business practices.

Support Earth Day Celebrations Around the World ? Earth Day, April 22, is the largest secular holiday in the world, celebrated by more than a half billion people every year.




「市民参加の促進」 アースデイネットワークは全ての市民が地域、州、国家、そして世界レベルで活動できる機会を与えるために他の団体と共に活動しています。

「“環境”の定義の拡張」 アースデイネットワークは、学校、公共交通機関や通勤事情、喘息や癌の増加率、そして公園やレクリエーションの資金不足などの悪化によって、私達の健康やコミュニティー、そして“環境”に影響を与える全ての問題(例えば大気や水質汚染)を含め、“環境”の定義を拡張していく事です。



「新しい環境リーダー(指導者)の育成」 アースデイネットワークのプログラムと活動は、若者達そして有色人達に、環境リーダーになる事を薦め、また環境リーダーになる事にやりがいを感じさせます。




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Our Membership in Earth Share means you can donate at work:

Earth Share, a nationwide network of America's leading non-profit environmental and conservation organizations, works to promote environmental education and charitable giving through workplace giving campaigns. Earth Share is an opportunity for environmentally conscious employees and workplaces to support hundreds of environmental groups at once through a charitable giving drive.

Since Earth Share's founding in 1988, thousands of employees across the nation have generously pledged their financial support for the important work of Earth Share's member organizations. As more and more businesses are opting to offer environmental giving options alongside other approved charities, Earth Share now participates in campaigns at hundreds of public and privates sector workplaces, including the federal government's Combined Federal Campaign (CFC); American Airlines; Dell; American Express; Hewlett Packard; Aveda; Sears; and many more.

For more information about Earth Day Network or our staff, please visit the following links:


「アースシェア」は, アメリカ全土にネットワークを持つ、アメリカを代表する非営利の環境保護団体です。環境教育の促進やあらゆる職場環境でのチャリティーキャンペーンを主な活動内容としています。「アースシェア」の役割は、地球環境に関心を持つ職場や働く人たちに、多くの環境団体を支援する機会を与ることにあります。




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アースデイ(地球の日)は4月22日、毎年Earth Dayの期間には世界各地で持続可能な社会を表現する、自由なイベントやアクションが行われています。

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