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Here at Earth Day Network, every day is Earth Day. Earth Day Network's staff and partners support environmental education and civic participation year round through a variety of innovative programs, activities and resources. Each year, we also provide support and resources to thousands of organizations planning Earth Day events and activities.


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Tell everyone about your Earth Day event! Register your Earth Day 2005 event. People from all over the world register and search for events on our website. By listing your event you will encourage others to participate in your event or inspire them to create their own.


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By registering your organization with Earth Day Network, you will:

  • Receive information from Earth Day Network about upcoming events, new programs and activities and tools and resources you may find useful.
  • Receive listserve emails with important information and resources about Earth Day events and activities.
  • Promote the efforts of your organization and/or your Earth Day event to the public.
  • Learn about interesting collaboration opportunities with other registered organizations.


  • アースデイネットワークから最新イベント・プログラム・活動・便利なツールや資料についての情報が届きます。
  • アースデイのイベントや活動についての重要な情報や資料を含むリストサーバーメールが届きます。
  • あなたの団体の活動内容やイベントについて、一般の人々に告知することができます。
  • 他の登録団体との興味深いコラボレーションを行う機会を得ることができます。

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Earth Day Network's Environmental Education Program is one of most innovative programs in the U.S. for students and teachers interested in environmental issues. The Educator's Network offers educators user-friendly tools for integrating environmental issues into core curriculum subjects and provides games and other fun activities for kids.

Teachers of all grade levels and subject areas are encouraged to register with Earth Day Network's Educator's Network. In addition to access to EDN's online educational resources, teachers who register receive a free Environmental Jeopardy poster and Teachers Guide to use with your students.

Environmental Jeopardy is a game and one day lesson plan that was designed by Earth Day Network to challenge the way students think about important issues such as recycling, energy, sustainability, transportation and pollution, and how our daily choices affect our environment.

The theme of the first version of Environmental Jeopardy is "Sustainability". The second version, "What's in Your Food, What's in Your Body", will be ready by Earth Day 2005. Another version of the game will be available to educators by the end of May.





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アースデイ(地球の日)は4月22日、毎年Earth Dayの期間には世界各地で持続可能な社会を表現する、自由なイベントやアクションが行われています。

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