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Table of Contents

Earth Day In Brief

When Is Earth Day?

A Brief History of Earth Day

Make a Difference

Together, We Are Stronger

SIDEBAR:One Person’s Earth Day Story

Getting Started:Plan for Success

Dive In

Create an Organizational Structure

Consider Mission and Message

Choose Your Strategy

Know Your Stuff

Create Communication Systems and Capacity

Make Your Website Work for You

SIDEBAR:Use the Internet to Achieve Your Goals

More Organizing Tools

Organizing Earth Day Projects

Earth Fairs

More Earth Fair Suggestions

Cleaning Up After Your Event

More Ideas for Earth Day Projects

Put Energy Into Your Earth Day Plans

Earth Day 2001 Theme:Clean Energy

Constituency-Specific Guides to Enhance Your Organizing

Clean Energy:Take Action

Working with Volunteers

Finding Volunteers

Extending an Invitation

Meeting with Volunteers

Signing Up People

Establishing Committees

The Importance of Specific Assignments

Empowering Your Volunteers

Developing a Timetable

Keeping Track…Be Accountable!

Meeting Tips

Raising Money

Creating a Budget

Types of Financial Support

Earth Day Network’s Corporate Sponsorship Policy

Should You Incorporate?

A Final Word on Fundraising

Working with the Media

Getting Press Coverage of Your Message Through Earned Media


What to Give the Media

Setting up Your Media Program

Event Coverage, Step by Step

Additional Communications Opportunities

In Conclusion

Appendices:Useful materials

A Principles of Environmental Justice

B Sample Volunteer Information Form

C Sample List of Volunteer Activities

D Sample Earth Day Resolution

E Sample Media Advisory

F Sample Radio PSAs

G Organize for the Earth?A Nutshell of Tips

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アースデイ(地球の日)は4月22日、毎年Earth Dayの期間には世界各地で持続可能な社会を表現する、自由なイベントやアクションが行われています。

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