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さぁ、今、企画を始めましょう!Earth Dayには、あらゆるチャンスが潜んでいます。

Earth Dayを機に、新たなキャンペーンや既存のプロジェクトを開始しましょう。

地域の仲間を集め、環境問題について学び、考え、行動する場となる地球フェアなどのEarth Day教育イベントを企画してみましょう。

Earth Dayを祝うためのアート(芸術)イベントを計画してみましょう。または、全部まとめてみては?Earth Dayで環境プロジェクトを開始してみるも良し、過去のEarth Dayイベントの成果や成功をたたえてみるのも良いでしょう。


既に進行中のEarth Dayの活動に参加してみては?新たなプロジェクトを立ち上げるのも良いでしょう。まずは、あなたの地域での計画を知ってみることから始めましょう:

Earth Day NetworkのWebサイトにアクセスしましょう。最新情報からあなたの近くで進行中のイベントをチェックして、担当者と連絡先を探してみてください。


発足会を企画し、仲間を集めましょう。既にEarth Dayイベントを企画している地域団体やグループ、またこれ から参加したいという人々を招待し、運営委員会を立ち上げましょう。

Earth Dayのイベントを計画したらEarth Dayネットワークのホームページに書き込み、地域の人々に知ってもらいましょう。

Create an Organizational Structure

If you choose to team up with other organizers and establish your own Earth Day group, consider forming committees to oversee basic functions. Committees might cover the following areas:

Project/event planning


Materials, publicity, and outreach

It can be useful to create a steering committee composed of the heads of each of the subcommittees. This helps ensure effective communication and coordination for achieving your common objectives.

Consider Mission and Message

When launching your campaign, organize yourself around two or three basic campaign concepts and repeat them tirelessly. Refer to "Earth Day 2001," and stress any local tie-ins to energy and global warming, the issues we are highlighting for 2001.

Whatever action you take, be absolutely certain that the public understands exactly what your position is. Make your message so clear that it cannot be distorted. Repeat your message at
every opportunity. Just as you get tired of saying it, others are hearing it?really hearing it!?for the very first time.

Choose Your Strategy

Identify your goals and objectives for outcomes. How will you achieve them? Will you rely solely on grassroots work? Will you hire staff? Will your campaign make extensive use of paid media, or will you try to generate free media by creating local interest? Will your strategy involve building a coalition, or retaining a separate organizational identity and focus, or both?

There are many ways to craft your strategy. Pull together your steering committee and choose an action plan that is best for you.

Know Your Stuff

Educate yourself and others about your campaign. Lots of good information already exists?don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

At Earth Day Network’s website , you will find information and action links that may help.

Create Communication Systems and Capacity

Create organizational systems that will help your campaign or event. As things heat up, you will want to be confident that you can handle the increased workload. One important aspect of creating good systems and building capacity is having excellent communication tools (see below), both within your campaign and for the audience that you hope to communicate with.

A good communications system is an essential organizing tool. Good feedback loops and distribution methods will save you a lot of time down the road. Here
are some essentials:

Make sure you have a good email list or telephone tree to reach key members of your team in a pinch.

Have a contact list with names, phone numbers, and email addresses of your staff and volunteers.

Create a database from which you can pull your contact list and break down the list in useful ways.

Use email, which is fast and affordable, to get out the word about meetings, events, and important news.

Set up email listservs. Either one-way or two-way listserves can do much to facilitate communications.

Develop a website that is appropriate to your audience?the people you are trying to reach. Make it informative, interactive and fun.

Make Your Website Work for You

Software programs now offer userfriendly options for designing your own web page. Most Internet service providers also offer relatively cheap web design options for first-timers. Consider recruiting volunteers from a local college to help you get started.

A word of caution: make sure your web strategy is related to the rest of the work you are doing. It is possible that a web page would be of little use to your organization, and that efforts to create
a web presence might be better spent elsewhere.

If you decide to go ahead with a website and you have a limited budget, start small and focused, then develop your site over time. Start with a logo, mission statement, summary of projects, and contact information.


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